IT Consulting

UGUtech Consulting, LLC provides service and consulting to medium and small businesses, home businesses, and organizations. UGUtech specializes in troubleshooting, networking, upgrades, backup, storage, with solutions for Macintosh and iOS, as well as integration with Windows and other platforms.

UGUtech has an extensive experience with third party hardware and software, helping businesses switch from Windows, or integrate with a mixed Mac/Windows environment. And getting the most from mobile devices; iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more.

UGUtech Consulting LLC does not engage in consultative services without receiving a digitally signed agreement.

Apple Consultants Network

The Apple Consultants Network is a program for independent professional service providers and technology consulting firms that specialize in Apple and  third-party solutions. As an ACN, UGUtech works with the Chicago area Apple Store business team regularly to help businesses make the right technology investments. 

Professional Support

Providing troubleshooting, system design, training, upgrades and support for the desktop, servers, mobile devices, and the web.

Business Software

Helping you share and sync your business data. Shared contacts, calendars, projects, documents, goals. Daylite business productivity CRM, Billings Pro for invoicing and time tracking, and other solutions.


Routers, Firewalls, WiFi, VPN, file sharing, email servers, chat servers, intranets and wikis, document management, share printers/scanners/faxes, network cabling.


Backup system design and implementation. Cloud and in house server and user backup, and backup security.


Mac OS X Server, file sharing, email , intranets, wikis, web, FTP, document management, shared printers/scanners/faxes, backup system design and implementation.